Top 5 Horse Racing Video Games

Contributed By Dave "Daily Double" Wildermuth
Posted on 6/17/15 7:37 AM

Video games helped traditional and action sports grow into even more profitable businesses. From the popular Madden Series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, to the classics like Baseball Stars, Mike Tyson's Punch Out & Ice Hockey, video games helped build these sports brands and grow the demographics focusing on the youth. But what about horse racing video games you may ask? Do they exist? In short, yes, they do... Maybe you want to find a way to get your child into the sport of horse racing in a creative and indirect way? Today's blog will focus on my top 5 horse racing video games.

Champion Jockey

Champion Jockey Video Game

This game has it all. Betting, Training your horse, and racing around the track! An excellent game to play with family, friends, or by yourself. You can use either the six axis sensor or use the Playstation Move This game is available for the Playstation 3.

Gallup Racer

Gallup Racer Video Game

This is one of the easiest games to get started with and simple to play. It is very difficult to win races and master the strategies in this game. It's made by Tecmo, which is famous for the iconic Tecmo Super Bowl. This was originally for the original Playstation but can be easily be ported to the PSP. A must have for racing fans.

Stakes Winner 2

Stakes Winner Video Game

This game was mad for the Neo Geo - Stakes Winner has an arcade feel to it. Its not as realistic as some of the other games listed; however, with gimmicks like carrots around the track to make your horse race faster, its addicting and fun to play. It's a fairly short game but one which will have you coming back for more as you can level up, earn money, and purchase different whips & prods always enhacing your game play experience.

Horse Racing Manager PC

Horse Racing Manager Video Game

There are 3 different modes betting mode, jockey mode, and stable mode. The betting mode speaks for itself. The jockey mode features 2 different types of horse racing. You can select from Trotting or Thoroughbred racing. The stable mode is the best with a career option where you own a stable, pick your location, horses, etc. It is quite advanced for a horse racing game and is sure to keep you addicted for hours.


Stampede Video Game

I couldn't leave out this classic for the Atari 2600. While technically its not a "Horse Racing" Game, I had to include it as its the first game I can remember which included a horse with a theme based around it. You are a cowboy and you have to herd up the cattle with your lasso! While the graphics are primitive and the sounds are laughable by today's video game standards, it can be difficult to master and provide hours of entertainment. Check out the video below:

1981 "Stampede" by Atari

There it is. My top 5 list of horse racing video games. Be sure to check these titles out. What is your favorite horse racing game? Leave it in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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